VICTIM OF LOVE IMDB is my very first feature film - ever! It’s a dark, mystic, psychological horror-thriller featuring Danish power house actor RUDI KØHNKE IMDB, one of the best leading actors in Denmark He’s on the verge of a major come back and break through in Denmark and Scandinavia and Hollywood and L.A. is next - of that I have no doubt.

The film is presently in post-production and is handled by the best colorist in Denmark Norman Nisbet IMDB (THE NEON DEMON/Nicolas Winding Refn, MELANCHOLIA/Lars Von Trier etc.) and 3x Academy Award Winner Morten Green IMDB (WARRIOR, A HIJACKING, A WAR etc.) is making awesome sound design, foley and cinema mix.

VICTIM OF LOVE is edited by yours truly IMDB and the sound track is provided by my deer talented friend, composer Søren Haahr IMDB and the ever awesome JULIAN WINDING IMDB who wrote the very powerful, dark and intriguing track THE DEMON DANCE for Nicolas Winding Refn’s film THE NEON DEMON.